Double-glazed acrylic windows fitted to motorhomes and caravans are one of the most common parts that experience damage or breakage. Double-glazed windows comprise of two acrylic panels bonded together, normally with a shaped outer and flat inner pane. Acrylic is a plastic that is not as strong and durable as polycarbonate and can relatively easily be scratched or cracked. Whilst light scratches can be carefully polished out of the surface, cracks cannot be repaired.

A further problem that affects many windows manufactured between 2004-2006 is delamination. Delamination is a slow process and is unlikely to be detected until excess condensation is visible in the unit. Discolouration on areas of the printed peripheral band of the unit is also a sign that the panels are delaminating. Delamination is a progressive process and cannot be halted or reversed, therefore, units showing signs of delamination should either be replaced or have a safety repair. Drilling and plugging the four corners will prevent the unit suffering the unpredictable separation of the outer panel when in transit but it will not reseal the unit and therefore it will not prevent moisture entering the unit and reduce condensation in the unit.

Owners who are considering replacing a window with a second hand window need to check carefully that the used window is identical in every respect and not only the same size. Many of the windows fitted to motorhomes and caravans are similar sizes but may not fit the identical hinge bar on the motorhome or caravan, and the catches and stays must also be in the same position for the window to fit properly. Furthermore, used acrylic windows may have developed crazing or minor cracks, or more seriously have started to suffer from delamination; issues that need to be carefully checked before purchasing a used window.

We offer the most extensive range of windows available. We supply new genuine windows for UK and continental built motorhomes and caravans. The windows we supply will be the same as fitted originally to your vehicle and will be manufactured by leading suppliers to the industry, Polyplastic, Plastoform or Dometic Seitz.

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