Stickers and Decals

There are numerous decal designs fitted to motorhomes and caravans; they not only differ between models, variants of the same model, and even change depending on the model year.

The problem many owners face is that they have damaged the existing decals fitted as new to their motorhome or caravan and therefore need a matching replacement. Several companies offer the service of supplying replacement decals, by copying a photographic image of the existing decal, but this will not necessarily result in a perfect match to the original decal on the vehicle.

Fitting new genuine decals will ensure that they are an identical match and restore the vehicle as close as possible to its original condition.

We can supply new original decals direct from the motorhome and caravan builder for most German, French and Italian built motorhomes and caravans, and some UK built models. Depending on the builder and model, decals may be available in individual sections or only the complete vehicle set.

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