Skylights & Rooflights

Rooflights, sometimes referred to as skylights, come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are normally a double-glazed acrylic opening window. Some fixed motorhome rooflights, fitted above the drivers cab, are double-glazed units combining safety glass and acrylic.

The popular brands of rooflights are Heki, made by Dometic Seitz, Remis, MPK and Fiamma, and these brands are fitted as original parts to the large majority of motorhomes and caravans. However, a rooflight may be one of the standard brands but not necessarily a standard type as some motorhome and caravan builders fit rooflights that are slightly different to the standard, which means the acrylic dome is not a standard part. Therefore anyone intending to only replace a broken acrylic rooflight dome, must ensure they make precise identification of the part required.

Another important factor that must be appreciated by motorhome and caravan owners is that a rooflight dome is made from acrylic, a plastic material that is not particularly strong and can relatively easily crack when flexed and stressed. Therefore, if a rooflight is mistakenly left in the open position whilst driving, the pressure of the airflow over the rooflight will flex the acrylic around the hinges, possibly leading to the acrylic cracking, which will risk the roof dome breaking away from its hinges and completely detaching from the roof.

We can accurately identify the replacement rooflight you require and ensure that you are supplied with the correct rooflight to fit your vehicle. We will also be happy to arrange fitting for any rooflight.

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