Motorhome Bumper

When you have a damaged bumper you have a choice; replace or repair.

Fitting a new original bumper and trim, supplied from the factory that built your motorhome, will guarantee the bumper and trim are identical to the parts removed and look and fit as when the vehicle was new.

Repairing the bumper may be the best or only solution when the damage is relatively minor, or the vehicle is old and new parts are no not available. However, it is important when requesting a quote to remember you have a choice and ask the company if they intend to fit a new genuine bumper. Companies that specialise in repairing bumpers are likely to prefer repairing the bumper rather than checking whether new genuine replacement parts are available.


Repairing bumpers often involves removing the bumper and the surrounding trim. Trim can be damaged when a bumper is being removed and some repairers may decide to use a sealant rather than new trim when refitting the bumper.

If the bumper is being replaced as part of an insurance claim, insurers are usually keen to have new parts fitted.

We can supply new original bumpers direct from the motorhome and caravan builders for most German, French and Italian built motorhomes and caravans, and some UK built models. Fitting a new bumper will ensure your vehicle is restored as close as possible to its original condition.

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