Knaus Tabbert is one of Germany’s best know manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes. Knaus Tabbert manufacture motorhomes under the brand names of Knaus and Weinsburg, with their caravans branded either Knaus, Tabbert, T@B, Weinsburg and Wilk. Today Knaus Tabbert manufacture motorhomes and caravans at their factories in Germany and Hungary.

The company Knaus was founded in 1960 but the Tabbert company was founded much earlier in 1934. Tabbert originally built a wide range of trailers but started buildings caravans in the 50’s. By the early 70’s Tabbert was Germany’s largest caravan builder.

Knaus Tabbert’s various brands address different market sectors; Knaus motorhomes compete with the other main brands and also aim at the more luxury market. Weinsburg motorhomes models are targeted more at the budget end of the market. Tabbert caravans are mainly knows for producing larger caravans although this is also a speciality of Knaus in addition to the smaller mainstream models. Wilk also focus on producing larger luxury models.

T@B launched by Knaus Tabbert in 2004, marked a new departure for the company in caravan design. Their objective was to design and manufacture very compact lightweight caravans that could be towed by a small car and be just large enough to fit a small family. The caravans they produce have a distinctive tear drop shape and are most likely to appeal to the younger “trendier” end of the market.

We offer a full range of original parts for all Knaus Tabbert’s brands of motorhome and caravan models.