In 1936 the company Dethleffs Wohnauto was established and by the early 60s they had created their first caravan production line to build a model called the Camper. By the early 70s they had extended their Dethleff caravan range to five models and had built a new factory.

In 1983 Dethleffs built its first Dethleff motorhome and was the first German manufacturer of to use the Fiat Ducato chassis, which it fitted to its coachbuilt model. By the end of the 80s they added an A Class motorhome to their the range. In 1999 Dethleffs were building the large A 7870 ESPRIT, their first 3-axle motorhome which was also over eight metres.

In 2004 Dethleffs established a rental company called McRent, to rent Dethleff motorhomes. Today McRent is Europe’s largest motorhome rental companies, operating in fifteen countries including the UK. 2006 saw the creation of the Sunlight company that aimed to manufacture motorhomes and caravans designed to compete in the growing budget market sector. In 2008 the Dethleffs A class motorhome the Globetrotter XXL Premium Line, entered the luxury market.

Today Dethleffs is one of Europe’s largest and most successful motorhome and caravan builders, exporting vehicles throughout Europe.

We offer a complete range of original parts and accessories for Dethleff motorhomes and caravans.